Four degree programs & One diploma program


Greetings and a warm welcome to Baptist Theological Academy!

Thank you so much for choosing Baptist Theological Academy to be a place where you can be equipped with the word of God and for the service of God. We greatly give a high value to the call of God in your life and our faculty are committed to serve you with words and deeds.

Baptist Theological Academy is a fundamental Baptist Bible institute whose purpose is “to shape servants of God” to be “meet for the Master’s use.” To achieve this purpose, we broad-based our academic curriculum from the infallible word of God so that a servant of God may “study to shew….. unto God.” (2Tim. 2:15). Baptist Theological Academy is not just another bible school in Myanmar. With the emergence of many ministries and bible schools in the last decades, Baptist Theological Academy envisions and stands for making a difference in the lives of its students by shaping, equipping, and leading into Christ-likeness. Started in 2013, Baptist Theological Academy witnessed a phenomenal growth ever since its inception with just three students. As of its core commitment and mission, Baptist Theological Academy will remain faithful to the very Word of God in defending, proclaiming and training to succeeding generations of faith.

If God is leading you to join us in Baptist Theological Academy, we are looking forward to getting to know you personally and see how God is working in and through you. While we cannot promise you of having fun, enjoyment, and an easy road always in your learnings, nevertheless we do assure that you will never be regretted of the training we will receive through a great adventure here in Baptist Theological Academy. You have honored us by asking details of our bible institute. May God richly bless you as you chose to serve Him!

Yours in His service,
Mr. Lal Biak Tluang

About BTA

Baptist Theological Academy (BTA), an intensive theological education center, equips generations of Christians to be useful ministers in the word of God. Indeed, its fundamental teaching on the word of God from a dispensational perspective creates a bright hope for educating earnest students of the Bible and also shapes them into an ideal pathway toward Christ-likeness. BTA is committed to train faithful men and women to be able teach others also (2 Tim 2:2) and helps them achieve its goal to be approved of God, and not of men (2Tim. 2: 15). BTA also is committed to mold and shape its pupils to abide by bible based ethical disciplines which will make them useful vessel in the Master's hands. In contrast to the rapid rises of doctrinal declines in Christianity,


With a rapid emergence on devaluation of the word of God, self-centered, cultured bound Christianity,


The very purpose of Baptist Theological Academy in training men and women is that they may be "Meet for the Master's Use" (2Tim 2: 21).