Admission Requirement

As of the vision of Baptist Theological Academy, the school invites applicants, who had a sincere desire and thirst for the word of God, to come and be equipped for the service of God. The purpose of Baptist Theological Academy in training men and women of God is that they be useful servant of God according to the call of God upon their lives. Therefore, Baptist Theological Academy can only accept students who desires to train themselves with intensive studies in both academic and ministerial spheres. The administration holds the right to discipline or expel students who are not in align with the rules and regulations set by the institute. In Baptist Theological Academy, degrees are not given, but must be earned. In order to earn a degree, not only the student meet the minimum academic requirement, but also that the student exhibit Godly Christian character to the purpose and vision of the institution.

The institution does not prescribe completion of secondary higher course as a basic requirement for enrollment to the degree programs. The applicants applying for enrollment in Bachelor’s degree program must have passed the matriculation examination or relevant academic qualifications.


The typical academic calendar has two semesters:
First Semester : June to September
Second Semester : October to February


Basically, the month of October is regarded as a sport month. Baptist Theological Academy holds annual sport which is usually conducted on October. A few days of semester break used to be given. Detail calendar will be issued on the arrival and orientation of students.


  • Obtain application form from office or by email.
  • Complete the form and be ready to send by Email or by person. For convenience sake, person to person delivery will be safer.
  • Send application form to the registrar of the institution on or before May 15. Remember the application form is Ks 500/-. This may be given at the time of admission.
  • All candidates should fill the form and complete it. Baptist Theological Academy does not and will not accept a student without application filled form.


Applicants applying courses in Baptist Theological Academy are automatically considered to be full time (In-Campus) students. Effective from 2015, Baptist Theological Academy cannot consider day-scholar students due to discipline concerns.

Applicants planning to continue distance education at Kalay University may also apply for diploma or degree programs at Baptist Theological Academy. However, they must abide by the rules regarding the institution’s policy with distance education (dual studies) without any failure.

English is the only medium of communication used in Baptist Theological Academy and everyone is required to learn English. Although English proficiency is not the primary requirement, but is recommended and encouraged.

The following are the requirements and the qualifications for each applicant:

1. Certificate/Diploma Courses (2 years)

  • Born again person with the call of God
  • 10th passed or failed
  • Completed application form

2. Under-graduate degree (4 years)

  • Born again person with the call of God
  • 10th matriculation passed
    In case of 10th Matriculation failed, the candidates will be pending to special entrance exam as required by the standard of Baptist Theological Academy.
  • Three recommendation letters from spiritual leaders
  • Completed application form

3. Graduate degree (2/3 years)

  • Born again person with the call of God
  • B.Th degree holders with 10th matriculation passed
    In case of 10th Matriculation failed, the candidates will need to write pre-requisite exam before he or she can proceed to write General entrance Exam.
  • Three recommendation letters from spiritual leaders
  • Completed application form


Applicants applying under-graduate or graduate (proposed) programs must appear for the entrance exam as a standard requirement for Baptist Theological Academy. However, the entrance exam may be conducted separately or sometimes, mid-term exam is considered as applicant’s entrance exam. Baptist Theological Academy recommends any new applicant to join to any English classes in the summer should they be conducted.

1. Under-graduate program

  • Candidates who failed 10th matriculation exam must take Pre- Requisite exam as requirement of Baptist Theological Academy.

2. Graduate program

  • All candidates who hold Bachelor of Theology from other institution with 10th matriculation FAILED needs to write Pre- Requisite Exam.
  • Both candidates who hold Bachelor of Theology from other institution with 10th matriculation PASSED and University degree holders will take entrance exam for this program.
  • 3 year M.Div - General Bible and English knowledge
  • 2years M.Div - General Bible, English and Greek knowledge


Students planning take graduation must fulfill the minimum academic requirement as prescribed by the institution. However, the successful completion of the academic requirements does not automatically qualify any student for degree. A student’s overall evaluation will be assessed for the qualification. This include student’s spiritual maturity, character, academic records, etc. will be taken into consideration for the qualifications.

Students taking graduation at Baptist Theological Academy must pass comprehensive exams, oral tests. Moreover, graduating students need to write thesis and be able to defend before the faculty panel (Thesis viva) On the basis of the above requirements and on the recommendation of the board of the faculty, the degree will be granted to the candidate subject to the approval of the Executive Committee whose decision is final.


Students who shew a great academic record in the four years of studies are honored with scholastic honors as follow:
Cum laude : 90-94
Magna cum laude : 95-97
Summa cum laude : 98-100

President’s list:

Students whose academic record maintain A (4.0-4.5) at the academic grading system within one academic are listed in the President’s honor. This also means that they will be given full tuition scholarship for the academic year in which he or she is declared.

Academic Dean’s List:

Students whose academic record maintain B+ (3.5) at the academic grading system within one academic, without below B+, incompletes, or overcuts, are recognized by being placed upon the Academic Dean’s list. They will be offered 25% scholarship for the regular fees in the academic year in which he or she is declared.


Attendance and Absence

Students pursuing studies at Baptist Theological Academy abide by the rule and regulation of the institution very strictly. Classes must be attended without any absence. In case of sickness or unavoidable circumstances, the institution had a policy of “Special Case Permission” which must be obtained from the office. Students who are absent for more than fifteen percent of class hours are not eligible to write exams. Students who took leave for more than fifteen days of academic working days for any circumstances are not allowed to continue their studies.

Examination and Promotion

Baptist Theological Academy conducts mid-term and final exams every semester, excluding all the class tests and quizzes. Students who fail more than five subjects in one academic will forfeit the privilege of being promoted. Promotion is given to students who successfully completed all the courses and also maintained the minimum “D” average.

Re-Exam policy

Students who fail in their respective subjects may write a re-exam with a fee of two thousand kyats per subject (this may be subject to changes). Students may write the re-exam in the same academic year or the following year. Failed subjects are to be studied freshly and newly from the concerned teacher before the subject can be given for re-exam.

Incomplete Course policy

Students failing to complete the prescribed courses in a given time frame due to unavoidable circumstances or long time physical illness are considered “Incomplete.” However, students failing to complete the course other than the above reasons will cost the students being considered “permanent withdrawal” and the institution will no longer accept the student further. The Academic Administration has the right to decide the deadline for extent of the incomplete courses allowed.

Withdrawal from the Institution

Students seeking to discontinue their studies at Baptist Theological Academy must contact the administration for the process. However, every student must meet all the requirements regarding the fees, and dues.

Discipline and Dishonesty

Baptist Theological Academy implements rules which will shape its pupils toward Christ-likeness. However, students who are not in align with the set rules will be disciplined. The institution has the right to discipline its students based on the existing rules and biblical ethics. Cheating in any kind of dishonesty proves the student’s lack of integrity and will never be tolerated.