We believe in the plenary and verbal inspiration of the scriptures, both the Old and New Testament, that they were “given by the inspiration of God” as the “holy men of God were moved by the Holy Spirit” to write the very words of the Scriptures. We believe that scriptures are infallible, inerrant, and absolute, having sole authority in all matters pertaining to faith and practice.


We believe in the existence of one and only one, living and true God. We believe that the God head eternally exists in the three persons- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- and these three are one God: having precisely the same essence, attributes, and perfections, and executing distinct, but harmonious offices in the great work of redemption and salvation, and worthy of precisely the same honor, confidence, adoration, allegiance, love and worship.


We believe in the miraculous virgin birth and absolute deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the second person in the Trinity who, through his substitutionary death on the cross of Calvary, made atonement of sin once for all, and that whosoever believes in Him should not be perished but have eternal life. We believe in his literal bodily resurrection, His ascension to Heaven, His intercessory work for the saints at the right hand of the Father, and His visible, bodily, and premillennial return.


We believe in the personality, deity and power of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the blessed Trinity. We believe that the Holy Spirit took up His abode in the world in a special sense on the day of Pentecost. We believe that certain well defined ministries are committed to Holy Spirit in this present age which include: the restraining of evil in the world to the measure of the divine will, the convicting of the world in respect to sin, righteousness, and judgment, the regeneration of all believers, the indwelling and anointing of all who are saved, thereby sealing them unto the day of redemption, baptizing into the body of Christ of all who are saved, and the continued filling for power, teaching and services, and sanctification of believers, endowing gifts to believers for service, his future ministries on resurrection and glorification of believer.


We believe that God created an innumerable company of sinless, spiritual beings, known as angels. We believe that through the sin of “Lucifer, Son of the Morning” , that a great company of angels followed him in his moral fall, some of whom become demons and are active as his agents and associates in this world. We believe that a great company of angels kept their holy estate and are before throne of God, from hence they are sent forth as ministering spirits to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation.


We believe in the creation of man in holiness, after the image and likeness of God, by a direct act of God and by no mean an evolutionary process, and that he fell through sin, and as a consequence of his sin, became depraved, spiritually dead, which has rendered him helpless and hopeless of salvation from sin by his efforts.


We believe that, owing to universal death through sin, there is no salvation apart from the atonement of Christ. We believe in the redemption and salvation of sinners by grace alone through the finished work of Christ in shedding His blood once for all, and a full and free forgiveness is available only to anyone who receives Jesus Christ as their own personal savior. We believe in the perseverance unto eternal life to those who are heirs of God, and that believer is eternally secured in the hand of God.


We believe that Church is the new institution of God in the new covenant of God and is the mean God uses today to accomplish His work on earth. We believe that Church was a mystery in the Old Testament, but now through the purchase of Jesus’ blood, the church exists as a different entity from the nation Israel. We believe that all who are united to Christ are members of the church which is the body and bride of Christ, and having become members one of another, are under solemn duty to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, rising above all sectarian difference, and loving one another with a pure heart fervently.


We believe that a truly scriptural local church is a congregation of born again believers who have been baptized by immersion, voluntarily associated together in fellowship for the purpose of worship, edification and evangelization. We believe that the local church is under obligation to observe the two ordinances of Christ: Baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper for memorial of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


We believe that, according to the word of God, the next great event in fulfillment of prophecy will be the coming of the Lord in the air to receive to Himself into heaven both His own who are alive and remain unto His coming, and also who have fallen asleep in Jesus. We believe in the pre-tribulation, pre-millennium view of eschatological stand.


We believe that, after the translation of the Church, the event of tribulation which is the fulfillment of Israel’s seventieth week will be introduced to the earth. The whole period of Israel’s seventieth week will be a time of judgment on the whole earth, at the end of which the time of Gentiles will be brought to close. The later half of this period will be the time of Jacob’s trouble, which our Lord called “the great tribulation.” We believe that in this period the nation Israel will be brought back to the realization of their Messiah, and this period will be marked by series of judgments.


We believe that the period of great tribulation will be climaxed by the return of Jesus Christ to earth to introduce the millennial age, to bind Satan and place him in the abyss, and to restore Israel to her own land as the fulfillment of God’s covenants.


We believe that those who through faith are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ are truly righteous and shall be taken to be with Him in heavenly glory forever, and all who continue in unbelief shall be tormented day and night into hell, and finally cast into the lake of fire, a place of everlasting conscious punishment prepared for the devil and his angels.


We believe that it is the explicit message of our Lord Jesus Christ to those who are his followers to be sent forth by Him even as He was sent from God. We believe that, after they are saved they are divinely reckoned to be related to this world as just strangers and pilgrims, ambassadors and witnesses and their primary purpose in life should be to make Christ make known to the whole world. We believe in Our Lord’s commission to go and preach the Gospel to the world and teaching them to observe all thing what He commanded us. Ministry is not something we do (in helping) for God, rather that He works (using us) through us for His own glory!


With the growing ecumenical movements in our Christianity and doctrinal compromise being prevalent, Baptist Theological Academy stays distinct from all these polluted philosophies. And it is true to our music standard also. As the institution is a fundamental Baptist institute, we are separatist (2Cor 6:17), and based our music standard on the biblical principle of music and rejecting CCM and its influences. Understanding the very purpose of God in the use of music, we adhere to the conservative approach in our music standard.